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3                                                        4

              WORKWEAR                                                  RAINWEAR

                           3�  Workwear:                               4�  Rainwear:
                              Keeps you protected                          Keeps you protected

                              This multi-norm workwear layer is            and weatherproof
                              designed to combine optimal multi-norm       The outer shell is the garment layer that
                              protection and wearer comfort at the         shields you from external factors and can
                              same time. All garments correspond to        be exposed to severe conditions. It will
                              the latest standards with regards to safety   protect you from harsh weather conditions
                              risks in day-to-day work environments:       like wind, rain, hail or snow. In addition this
                              protection against flames, welding sparks,   protective layer also conforms to different
                              arc protection, anti-static, chemical splash   multi-norm standards and shields the
                                                                           wearer from for example accidental flames
                              protection etc.
                              Various fabric qualities have been           and electric arc flashes, chemicals etc…
                              developed for the harshest work
                              environments and different applications.
                              The new range combines the highest
                              levels of safety protection with excellent
                              wear comfort and superb washing

                              properties in an optimal mix.

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