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              SPRAY TEST                      Determination of the limited spread of   HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE TEST
              Determination of the water repellency  flames                    Determination of resistance to water
              The evaluation of the test is visual   This test measures the limited spread
              appreciation of the surface of the fabric   of flames of vertically oriented textile   The standard specifies a hydrostatic
              (number of absorption points on the   fabrics   (one or several layers), when   pressure method for determining the
              surface).                       subjected to a small defined flame.    resistance of fabrics to penetration
                                              A defined flame from a specified burner   by water. The highest class of water
                                              is applied for 10 seconds to the surface   penetration resistance in this European
                                              or to the bottom edge.           Standard was deduced from several
                                                                               national norms which imposed a test
                                                                               pressure of 0.13 bar (1300mm).

              CRUMPLE FLEX TEST
              (EN ISO 7854:1997 METHOD C)
              Determination of repeated flexing
              resistance of waterproof material
                                                                               HEAT TRANSFER RADIATION
              Waterproof material used in rain garments
              (EN 343) must withstand 9000 cycles                              Determination of heat transfer
              of repeated flexing without losing its                           radiation
              waterproofness. This test is also a method                       The test EN ISO 6942 exposes
              to evaluate/compare different waterproof                         the fabrics of the suit to an intense
                                              HEAT TRANSFER FLAME              radiant heat (40 kW /m²). The
                                              Determination of the heat transfer index  threshold of pain (1 degree burns ) is
                                                                               defined, as well as the moment that
                                              This standard defines a method to   2nd degree burns originate and the
                                              compare the Heat Transfer Index (HTI) of   reaction time (the time between RHTI
                                              materials and material assemblies.   12° and RHTI 24°).

              SEAM STRENGTH TEST                                               RAIN TOWER TEST (EN 14360)
              Determination of mechanical
              performance                     BALLYFLEX TESTER (ISO 7854/B)    Besides the selection of the materials
                                              Determination of flex cracking    and their water-resistant properties, the
              The force necessary to tear a fabric,   resistance of waterproof material  waterproofness of the seams, also the
              measured by the force necessary                                  design of the garment has an important role.
              to start or continue a tear in a fabric.   The number of flexing cycles a
              Expressed in Newton. There are several   waterproof, chemical protective fabric   At Sioen, the garments are put in a rain
              possible test methods specified in   can withstand without showing damages,   tower (build to EN 14360) on a manikin for
              various European and International   without losing its waterproof properties.   one hour with a rainfall of 450 l/m2/h to
              Standards. In the standard for chemical   Expressed in number of cycles and   detect possible weak points in the design.
              protective garments the trapezoidal tear   divided into 6 classes    The manikin has a detection layer to
              resistance is specified.        (from 1000 up to 100000 cycles).  visualize eventual leaking areas.

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