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In-house testing equipment

            Sioen’s R&D centers and labs are fully equipped

            with the latest testing equipment

            Testing for tear and breaking strength, flame     new EN 469:2005 standard for fire fighter clothing,
            retardancy, chemical resistance, water column,    and opens the way for Sioen to play a leading
            colour fastness, ageing and so on are all performed   role in fire retardant garments. Sioen has its own
            in house, and Sioen can stand comparison with the   ballistic laboratory including a shooting range and
            world’s top research institutes in this area. The ability   evaluation ahead of the market. Along
            to conduct flame tests (EN 367), and thermal radiation   with creativity, know-how and quality, it is central to
            tests (EN ISO 6942) in-house has led to Sioen being   Sioen’s corporate culture.
            one of the first European producers certified for the

                                               XENON TEST
                                               Determination of the colour fastness
                                               Determination of the resistance of the
                                               colour of textiles to the action of an
              Determination of the surface conductivity    artificial light source (Xenon-arc fading
                                               lamp) representative of natural daylight.
              of a antistatic fabric
                                               The fabric is exposed to artificial light
              This measuring principle is used on   together with a set of Blue Wool Reference   WASH TEST: HOME/
              fabrics with surface conductive yarns or   under controlled humidity.    INDUSTRIAL WASH
              homogenous conductive outside coating   The colour fastness is evaluated by   Determination of the washing durability
              layers.                          comparing the change in colour of the   of the garments
                                               fabric with that of the Blue Wool Reference
                                               used (grade 1 to 8). Requirement for HiVis   Finished garments go through a specified
              SEAM STRENGTH (ISO 13935-        EN 20471 complying fabrics.     number of washing cycles in order to
              2)Determination of the strength of a                             determine washing durability.

              The force necessary to break or open the
              weakest seam in a garment by pulling at
              both sides of the seam/joint. Expressed
              in Newton and required in many
              standards for protective garments.

                                              MARTINDALE TEST                  PUNCTURE RESISTANCE (EN
              TENSILE STRENGTH TEST           Determination of the abrasion    863)
              Determination of mechanical     resistance                       Determination of mechanical
              performance                                                      performance
                                              In the Martindale test, wool or
              The force necessary to tear a fabric,   sandpaper is used to rub the fabric   The puncture resistance is specified in
              measured by the force to start or   over and over again with considerable   the standards for chemical protective
              continue a tear in a fabric. Expressed   pressure. Depending on how tough   garments. The force necessary to push
              in Newton. The trouser shaped test   the fabric needs to be, this vigorous   a pointed object through a chemical
              method is prescribed in a lot of types of   rubbing can continue non-stop for   protective fabric. Expresses in Newton
              protective garments.            hours... or even days.           and divided into 6 classes (from 5N up
                                                                               to 250N)

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