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Experience and dedication

                            With 55 years of experience in many industry   work. We advise and offer them solutions in
                            domains, we understand what our customers   order to make their workplaces safer.
                            need and in what conditions their employees

                                                  protective clothing

                                                  Whether you’re looking
                                                  for simple, comfortable
                                                  bodywear or cutting-edge
                                                  high-vis, multi-norm jackets,
                                                  we offer everything in the
                                                  domain of professional
                                                  protective clothing.


                             Multilayering & multi-norm

             It is important that you have clothes at your
             disposal that are adaptable to the ever-changing
             weather conditions. With our multi-layering
             concept you can keep yourself dry and warm and,
             above all, you’re shielded from wind, rain, hail and
             snow. From bodywear (underwear), over T-shirts,
             waistcoats and polos, to thermal wear such
             as bodywarmers and softshells, to multi-norm
             workwear to the outer layer. Every layer can be
             combined with another.                                                              3

             For optimal protection in hazardous working
             conditions, we developed our multi-norm
             collection. All clothes comply with the latest
             standards and protect against flames, welding          Technical expertise
             sparks, arc flashover, static, chemical splashes, etc.
                                                                    Every Sioen employee has a thorough technical
             By combining the multilayering and multi-norm          expertise and understands what our customers
             concepts, we have developed a clothing range           need. This customer insight allows us to come
             that protects you all the time. From harsh weather     up with good solutions for your problems. In
             to hazardous working environments, we have a           case it concerns very specific situations, we can
             solution for every condition.                          create adapted, customised clothing.

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