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(Y)our Commitments

            Sioen is committed to the conduct of an ethical   We invest in the environment, because a healthy
            business on all levels by acting fairly and honestly   environment is the condition to all life and activity.
            in all our dealings and by observing the highest   At Sioen Industries, we want to contribute to solving
            standards of integrity. To achieve these, our company   the challenges our environment faces today: climate
            utilises the shareholders’ investments in a sensitive   change, search for alternative sources of energy,
            manner while delivering safe and quality products to   use of less raw material, reduction of waste and
            our clients. We comply with both the spirit and the   emissions, a.o.
            letter of legislation and submit all our actions to an
            external audit.


                                                                                                  IN TEXTILES
                                 CER TIFIED                                                     Tested for harmful substances
                                                                                                according to Oeko-Tex ®  Standard 100

               ISO 9001        ISO 14001        respect to      productions    sustainable textile    pro-active
               compliant       compliant       human rights      according       production    sustainable product
                                                             local environmental                 development

                                                          Sioen invests in a sustainable society. In business

                                                              processes and relationships, Sioen Industries
                                                                 strives to preserve and improve the global
                                                           environment through a pro-active environmental
                                                                    policy as explained in our CSR Manifest.

                                  Est. 1994

              SIOEN APPAREL is a member of several important branch organizations.

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