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Sioen Apparel,

            Professional protective clothing

            In brief

            Sioen Apparel is the number one innovator in the   With the recent addition of our multi-norm workwear
            domain of high quality protective clothing. In its   collection, we completed our product range. This way,
            “industry” segment, Sioen Apparel is European     we approach our customers as a provider of integral
            market leader. The corner stone of the organisation   professional protective clothing solutions. Whatever
            is the hundred and twenty-nine- headed R&D        need or problem you’re facing, we’ll tackle it.
            department. We strongly invest in the research and
            development of new, revolutionary products.

                                                     WHAT DO WE DO?
                       DEVELOP          DESIGN          PRODUCE             SELL    &    DISTRIBUTE

                                            PROFESSIONAL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING

            High quality protective clothing

            Sioen Apparel focusses on high quality professional protective clothing, specialised protective clothing and
            private label recreational clothing. In its domain, Sioen Apparel is European market leader, is active in more
            than 80 countries, employs over 2 800 persons in 8 plants.

                  32.2 %           2 800            11             in 8
                  of total        persons        companies       countries
               company sales

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