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Multilayering concept

             A layered outfit: that is the perfect
             dress code to start your workday
             well protected and prepared for

             any kind of weather�

             Every layer has its own specific function and together
             they interact and complement each other to offer
             you the best possible and optimal
             comfort at work, at all times.



                                                                                           THERMAL WEAR

               1�  Bodywear:                             2�  Thermal wear:
                   keeps you dry                             keeps you warm
                   The most important job of the base layer   The second or in-between layer must
                   is to absorb perspiration and transport it   have good thermal insulation properties.
                   away from your skin. The different yarns   In addition to this good breathability
                   and fibres used in these products are     characteristics are important to transport
                   specifically designed for this job. Some of   perspiration further away towards the
                   them even have anti-microbial properties.   outer layer.
                   This layer creates a micro-climate close to   Fleece or softshell fabrics are frequently
                   the skin   keeping you dry and comfortable   used to this purpose, as they are pleasant
                   in different work conditions.             and comfortable to wear. They have good
                   As this layer is in direct contact with your   insulating characteristics to keep you
                   skin, it has to be kind and gentle. Not   warm and comfortable in different weath-
                   causing any unpleasant irritation.        er conditions. A lot of these garments can
                   By choosing a multi-norm base layer       also be worn separately.
                   you’re extra protected in case the hazard   An thermal layer which also conforms to
                                                             multi-norm standards adds to your overall
                   penetrates the outer layers.
                                                             protection in hazardous work conditions.

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